What in the world is a Flying Doula????

It has nothing to do with Sally Field or “ghost ships“. I named my blog “The Flying Doula” after DH (you know who you are) first thought of the name.  The more I thought about it the more true it became.  My intention is to fly to Israel to begin the second half of my life armed with my “birthbag” and my enthusiasm for natural childbirth.

I was lucky that the moment I thought about how wonderful it would be to assist women in childbirth, the course appeared in the paper. Sinai Hospital in Baltimore periodically trains doulas for the labor and delivery through its Volunteer Program.  The training is given by nurses Faige Oberstein and Miriam Sperling.

I attended the 2-day training sessions on consecutive Sundays.  Doulas are then required to volunteer for 5 births to complete the program.  I have been blessed to do three in a row so far.


2 thoughts on “What in the world is a Flying Doula????

  1. Hi Yael!

    I trained to be a doula in the Baltimore area as well. I looked into the Sinai doula trainings, but the dates did not work out with my schedule, and unfortunately they offer it infrequently.

    I look forward to reading about your experience as a Jewish doula! And as a doula in Baltimore 🙂


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